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My Culinairy Diary

I am constantly caught between two continents, with Mexico as my newfound home and Europe as my birthplace. These two worlds offer entirely different lives and captivating food cultures. It's a culinary journey that has required me to adapt and explore as I navigate this dual existence.

In Europe, I ate to bring people together, using my culinary skills as a chef and entrepreneur to create memorable experiences. However, in Mexico, my focus shifted towards nourishing my body with the nutrients needed for my active lifestyle. The transition challenged me to reinvent the basics of my cooking and embrace the flavors and ingredients of my new home.

Join me on this exciting adventure as I unveil the delightful results of my culinary reinvention, blending the best of European and Mexican influences into dishes that nourish both body and soul.

I find myself with two vastly different kitchens—one in the Netherlands, fully equipped and stocked with everything I need, and the other in Mexico, resembling a more primitive setup akin to camping in my own home. These contrasting culinary environments pose unique challenges and opportunities as I navigate between them.

NBut these basics I always carry with me:


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